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  Have a better understanding of enterprises than a bank and more familiar with finance than enterprises.

  Service content:


  Trade, bill and project financing

  Project packing financing

  Account receivable financing

  Operation of lease fund flow

  mortgage, guarantee financing

  advance payment

  Tax services

  Tax planning, design

  The import tax services

  The export tax rebate services

  Trade settlement

  Collect/settle/pay foreign exchange

  Settlement agent

  Issue/collect L/C

  Import/export collection

  other supply chain financial services

  Trade planning, operation ticket

  Insurance agent

  Factoring business


  Service value:

  Assist enterprise in broadening financing ways, solving customer’s difficulty of lacking fund and achieving fast business development;

  Reduce customer’s occupation of capital in the process of supply chain and improve the state of cash flow;

  Assist enterprise in enhancing production capacity and scale and promote the ability of order receiving.

  Assist enterprise in stabilizing supply channels and reduce supply cost;

  Assist supplier in fast collecting payment and enhance sales ability

  Ensure safety of customer’s external transaction process and supply chain process and defuse financial risks for customer.

  Professionally help customers to solve financial problems such as tax, card, ticket, exchange, clearing, insurance companies and other external.