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  Matching Service

  (1)Business services

  Service content

  In the process of providing import and export trade ( including the import and export of general trade, processing trade ) and domestic trade with customers, Everich uses professional team and operation platform to offer business matching service such as agent approval, bid for the manual, order processing, issuing cash certificate, foreign exchange, customs commodity inspection, insurance, taxation and other transactions.

  Service value

  1. Specialized operation;

  2. makes trade process more efficient and smooth;

  3. Better control of transaction cost and risk.

  (2)Import and export customs clearance and commodity inspection services

  Service content

  Customs declaration and commodity inspection agent

  Official document/3C certificate handling agent

  Advance customs duty/export tax refund

  Handle C.O/FORMA

  agents seized

  Service value

  Promote efficiency of customs clearance and commodity inspection and fast delivery;

  Reduce the time of en-route of freight

  Adopt pre-classification, price appraisal, advance declaring and node control for guaranteeing fast customs clearance.

  Customs clearance, commodity inspection convenience measures

  Electronic document, declare in advance, automatic inspection, presentation after the incent

  Online payment and two tax payment such as put first and then tax

  Implementation of priority goods inspection

  Declaration of priority for each link

  Import cargo released first and then tax

  Partial release and centralized declaration for general trade

  One-stop" service, convenient for customs, commodity inspection procedures

  (3)Logistics services

  Warehousing, transport/delivery service:

  Warehousing, handling & allocation

  Management and analysis of systematic inventory

  Automobile transport/ air transport/railway transport and special line transport

  Import & export customs clearance transport

  Regional and intra-city delivery

  Distribution processing and value-added service:

  Assemble/pack , make/paste labels

  Bar code scanning

  Product assembly and test

  Service of product uploading/log on

  Quality control

  VMI、JIT delivery


  Outsourcing of simple processing operation

  Value of Service:

  Optimize warehouse and en-route management

  Clarify inventory management

  Optimize transport route and shorten freight transport time

  “Door-to-door” delivery

  Ensure safety of freight and on-time delivery

  Zero inventory, fast response and instant delivery

  Reduce cost of logistics and supply chain

  Real-time in-stock and en-route online search